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What is it?

Usually, if your customers text your Business landline number, the text is converted into speech and sent to you by your telecoms operator.

This message is often lost by voicemail systems, out of hours messages or welcome messages, meaning that you are missing vital communciations from your customers. Most importantly, there is no compliant audit trail.

By enabling aql text or call(tm), aql will deliver any SMS text messages sent to your business or home landline number as an email to your PC inbox. To reply to your customer, simply reply to the email.

SMS and Voice recording for enterprise

Advantages of aql text or call(tm)

Technical - how it works

aql have a strong relationship with tier-1 carriers and the mobile networks and can control the routing of traffic within the core of these networks and divert any relevant SMS messaging traffic which is sent to your landline and then relay it to you via email, or other means (contact us for details or phone direct on 011 33 20 30 40).

Simple to use

To enable your existing landline number, simply fill in the online application form.
Once this has been done, aql will perform some checks to ensure that it is possible to enable your line. In some cases this can take several weeks. Once we have activated your line, we will notify you by email and also start billing for the service. The service costs just £5 per month per number activated, or £50 per month per block of continuous numbers (in blocks of 10 or 100, eg 500 numbers will cost £250 per month, 100 numbers will cost just £50 per month).

Free Trial - Register Today

Register today for a free, no obligation trial and we'll credit your new account with 50 free outbound text message credits upon activation! Signup is easy and only takes a few minutes. You then just need to contact us and let us know the number you'd like to activate. The main things you need to know are:


aql is a Telecommunications Provider regulated by Ofcom, Otelo and adherent to Phonepayplus and the ICSTIS code of conduct