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Mobile World Congress 2012

Posted Apr 10th 2012

Team members from aql attended the largest and most anticipated conference in the mobile industry between during the last week of February. The Mobile World Congress 2012 was held in Barcelona, the city was chosen to host the event as it was recently named the Mobile World Capital and will hold the title from 2012-2018.  The event was huge, around 60,000 mobile professionals from 20 countries attended and there were various seminars, discussions and awards on a wide range of topics. Held in 142,000 square meters of event space, the aim of the Mobile World Congress is to inspire, empower and influence the future of the mobile industry.

For the 4th year running the aql team had the opportunity to meet with other mobile industry professionals, network and connect with exciting mobile businesses concepts from all over the world.  It also provided a great opportunity to catch up with some old friends, suppliers and customers.

Swedish Beers is one of those exciting concepts! aql sponsored the Swedish Beers event for the 3rd time this year. The events have been running for around ten years, although this is a mobile networking event it is famous for holding relaxed and very social gatherings.  The events held by Swedish Beers attract enthusiasts from the mobile industry and are a great opportunity to hang out and share ideas, especially after a conference or exhibition. The format for a Swedish Beers event was created to allow sponsors and guests to meet and chat. As sponsors, aql were given a batch of free drinks tokens to give out to guests, many guests make a game of hunting down the tokens and therefore everyone has a reason to start talking. Being part of Swedish Beers is a fantastic chance to meet friends and new comers to the mobile industry.

Dr Adam Beaumont, aql MD, states "MWC is a key event in our calendar - It's the one event where we can get face to face time with suppliers, partners and customers and also renegotiate existing deals, making sure we remain competitive in what is the worlds fastest moving industry"