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Inbound SMS

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With aql® it is easy to stay in touch with your customers. You can rest assured that any data sent to you can be collected and dealt with quickly and securely in line with our company policy, while the service is flexible enough to accommodate your business needs.

Any messages sent to you can be directed to one of several different types of number that we provide - dependant on your business needs you may prefer one of the following options over another.

Receiving messages

Geographic number: eg. 0113 1234567

aql® are proud to be one of the first UK operators to be able to provide low cost UK Geographic numbering - all our geo numbers are able to receive any SMS message sent to it by default, you need only provide an email address for us to deliver to.
This has effectively opened up a new messaging channel to hundreds of thousands of UK businesses by making these numbers a more viable solution.
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Virtual Mobile number: eg. 07786 123456

These are full length mobile numbers, designed to receive incoming SMS messages quickly and reliably. These are quick to set up (taking approximately 24 hours), and are able to accommodate a large amount of messages - with a constant receipt rate of over 20 messages/second, it can easily cope with high volume campaigns.
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Shortcode: eg. 64446

aql® are happy to offer you use of a shortcode, which is a 5 digit mobile number, such as 64446. This will allow for a much more memorable inbound number for your customers to send to, increasing the conversion rate from your campaigns.
We can provide you with your own dedicated shortcode, or alternatively you can make use of our own memorable 64446.
Use of the shared code will require your customers SMS to begin with a predefined keyword, such as 'info', ie. "text info to 64446 for more information" in this case. Your dedicated shortcode does not require the use of keywords, however they can still be used for additional functionality.
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Processing messages

Upon receipt of a message delivered to you, we can take the following courses of action, amongst other things:

  • Send the message and its associated details to you via email
  • Forward to message to your own database for storage and processing
  • Store the message here within your aql® message logs
  • Respond automatically with a preset message

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