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Sending Messages via aql's SMS API

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At aql.com, we're committed to providing trouble-free service. We run 4 gateways on 2 different networks, which provide redundancy to ensure high reliability of the service.

In order to send a message using the gateway, you will need to send a request to one of the following:

  • http://gw.aql.com/sms/sms_gw.php (or https)

The URI-Encoded variables that you will need to pass are:



  • originator
  • max_concat (limit concatenation)
  • sendtime (in the format of "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss")
  • unix_sendtime
    (alternative to a normal sendtime, expects Unix timestamp, has precedence over sendtime)
  • replace_sms (1(one) or 0(zero). - What are Replaceable Messages?)
  • flash (1(one) or 0(zero) - What is Flash SMS?)
  • allow_unicode
    (if set to 1 and the message contains non-Latin characters, the message will be encoded with UTF-16 to ensure the non-Latin characters are sent correctly. When encoded with UTF-16, each message can have maximium 70 characters)
  • dlr_url (HTTP GET delivery report url on your own server)
eg: http://www.site.com/dlr.php?reportcode=%code&destinationnumber=%dest

%code and %dest are substituted for the real report code and destination number.

%code - the delivery report code. The values are:

1 = Delivered to Handset
2 = Rejected from Handset
4 = Buffered in transit (phone probably off / out of reception)
8 = Accepted by SMSC
16 = Rejected by SMSC

%dest - the destination number

Returned is a string consisting of (without leading and trailing quote):

"<status no>:<no of credits used> <description>" - eg: 2:0 Authentication error

The status corresponds to one of the following:

0: SMS successfully queued
1: SMS queued partially
2: Authentication error
3: Destination number(s) error
4: Send time error
5: Insufficient credit or invalid number of msg/destination
9: Undefined error

Checking your Credit Level

You can check your account balance by using cmd=credit variable, e.g

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