Case studies: Emis Health and LCVS

The Customer.

EMIS Health is a leading supplier of electronic patient record systems and solutions to the NHS, providing software to support a variety of NHS services including Primary Care, Community Health, Secondary Care and Community Pharmacies. Their leading community pharmacy systems, ProScript and ProScript Connect, are used by 37% of pharmacies across the UK and help pharmacists to provide faster and safer patient care.

The Challenge.

Ensuring reliable internet connectivity is crucial for pharmacies nowadays. To name but a few use cases, pharmacies need connectivity to enable them to communicate with the NHS, communicate with patients, to process payments and order medical stock from their supplier(s).

The pharmacists rely on an internet connection for their clinical systems, which are used to manage the dispensing of medication. Therefore, pharmacies need a resilient back-up connectivity solution should their primary internet connections ever suffer slow down, loss of service or other service issues.

The Solution.

EMIS Health works with aql to provide their pharmacy customers with a reliable back-up plan for when their standard internet connection isn’t working, using SIM cards powered by aql in conjunction with its mobile network partner, 3. EMIS Health manages the SIMs through easy to use APIs and can track each SIM’s day to day data usage by downloading their CDRs from aql..

Pharmacies are key in supporting the NHS to manage patient care and ensuring patients are able to collect their prescriptions and medications when they need it is really important. When the inevitable happens and the internet goes down, that can’t be a reason for pharmacies to stop operating.

Shanel Raichura, Clinical Director of Medicines Management at EMIS Health said:

“Using aql’s SIM solution, we can provide pharmacies with the reassurance that they will remain connected even when their primary connection is down. It can sometimes take a while for our pharmacies’ internet providers to fix issues, particularly when caused by underground lines being damaged, so aql’s SIM solution works great as a backup failover with no service impact on the pharmacy.”