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EMIS is a provider of clinical systems used by over 5,000 healthcare organisations across the UK, from GP practices and out-of-hours services, to community care and sexual health services. By using the same system, everyone can access the same information about their patients - no matter where they are treated - making the prospect of integrated care a reality.

Since 2012, aql has provided EMIS with a mobile data solution of SIM cards and IP connectivity for remote healthcare devices, allowing clinicians to take control of care by having access to vital patient information. Assigning tasks, scheduling and opening documents such as x-rays or discharge letters are all made easier by accessing them directly remotely from a tablet. 

The confidentially of the collected data is essential for the healthcare process, leading EMIS to chose aql's static IP address fully-managed solution, enabling entirely private and secure two-way communications. aql operates to strict levels of security and data governance, providing a secure environment for the storage and transmission of data.


In addition to aql’s standard IP connectivity solution, EMIS needed to monitor the data volumes consumed by their end-users, using outsourced technical capability.


aql provided EMIS with an additional automated solution, setting up a monthly report covering the mobile data usage of EMIS customers with a per-end-user breakdown of usage (totals). The report will help EMIS improve their internal billing process and charge the healthcare organisations at a per-usage rate.

We have a very mature relationship with aql who provide EMIS Group with a number of products and services. aql understands the dynamic environment we work within and are always happy to tweak their internal processes and reports to fit our business needs.

Stephen Wilcock, Egton Managing Director

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