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The Send SMS API allows you to easily and quickly send SMS through out highly reliable SMS service.

Sending Messages via aql's SMS API

At aql.com, we're committed to providing trouble-free service. We run 4 gateways on 2 different networks, which provide redundancy to ensure high reliability of the service.

In order to send a message using the gateway, you will need to send a request to one of the following:

http://gw.aql.com/sms/sms_gw.php (or https)

The URI-Encoded variables that you will need to pass are:


  • username (username of your aql account)
  • password (password of your aql account)
  • destination (multiple destinations separated by commas - FAQ for how to format numbers)
  • message


  • originator
  • max_concat (limit concatenation)
  • sendtime (in the format of "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss")
  • allow_unicode (1(one)  or 0(zero) - Indicate the message contains unicode characters)
  • unix_sendtime
    (alternative to a normal sendtime, expects Unix timestamp, has precedence over sendtime)
  • replace_sms (1(one) or 0(zero). - What are Replaceable Messages?)
  • flash (1(one) or 0(zero) - What is Flash SMS?)
  • dlr_url (HTTP GET delivery report url on your own server)


    eg: http://www.site.com/dlr.php?reportcode=%code&destinationnumber=%dest

    %code and %dest are substituted for the real report code and destination number.

    %code - the delivery report code. The values are:

    1 = Delivered to Handset
    2 = Rejected from Handset
    4 = Buffered in transit (phone probably off / out of reception)
    8 = Accepted by SMSC
    16 = Rejected by SMS


    %dest - the destination number


Returned is a string consisting of (without leading and trailing quote):

"<status no>:<no of credits used> <description>" - eg: 2:0 Authentication error


The status corresponds to one of the following:

0: SMS successfully queued
1: SMS queued partially
2: Authentication error
3: Destination number(s) error
4: Send time error
5: Insufficient credit or invalid number of msg/destination
9: Undefined error

Checking your Credit Level

You can check your account balance by using cmd=credit variable, e.g http://gw1.aql.com/sms/postmsg.php?username=user&password=password&cmd=credit

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