Security and compliance

Our carrier-neutral datacentres are Impact Level 5 (IL5) rated facilities with 24/7 on-site security officers, CCTV and robust physical security. Our information security management system is certified to the international ISO 27001 standard, protecting your data against any potential threat. We are compliant with the HMG Infosec framework and our security experts can help you meet the UK HMG information assurance standards. All key staff members undergo Government SC clearance (National Security Vetting) and Metropolitan Police vetting (NPPV) certification.

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Power and resilience

Our data centres are equipped with state-of-the-art power management, resilient fire suppression systems and Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA). Your data and equipment is safeguarded against loss through power failure by N+1 UPS systems and N+1 diesel backup generators.

24/7 monitoring and access

We monitor 600,000 quality- and security-related metrics each day, including hardware and network, to ensure our systems perform to the highest standards. We offer unrestricted 24/7 access to your colocated equipment upon request.

Network and connectivity

Carrier-neutral access

All our facilities are carrier-neutral, giving you access to a full choice of Tier 1 providers and multiple fibre, allowing you to chose the best internet access offering on site.

Public and private peering

We offer free interconnects to IXLeeds, the only mutual not-for-profit internet exchange outside London, housed within one of our facilities, giving you the opportunity to peer with many of the UK's DSL and IP connectivity providers. 

Disaster planning strategy

Our multi-site network allows you to establish a presence both inside and outside London, essential for effective disaster planning and your business continuity strategy.

Network resilience

We use MPLS technologies across all our sites, ensuring a fast failover within our network equipment. If one link goes down due to fibre or power failures at a third party site, our switches are able to reroute your traffic with little or no disruption service. 

Penetration testing

We are able to help our customers understand their risks and security posture by subjecting their network defences to rigorous security testing. Our security experts can assess the vulnerabilities present in all internal and external systems, including workstations, servers, websites, web applications and VoIP systems. We provide a range of testing levels, from non-intrusive vulnerability assessments to fully exploitative penetration testing. aql is also able to assess the security of wireless networks and external data communications links.

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Next steps

Our team of experts can help you asses your colocation requirements and provide you with a no obligation cost-benefit analysis.

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