HLR Number Lookups

HLR look ups is the Home Location Register which queries Ofcom and Mobile Network Operators in order to get real-time data on a subscribers active network, number port status, and roaming information.

Our HTTP REST API can be easily integrated into your CRM or other application in order to save unnecessary costs, keep your database clean, and can be used as a key factor in fraud detection .

HLR service benefits

Maintain contact channels

Periodically validate your customer's numbers in order to guarantee they are still reachable; and take action to maintain channels of contact.

Improve deliverability and save money

By checking that a number is valid, you can ensure you only send marketing SMS campaigns to subscribers who are able to receive messages.

Roaming status

You can verify if a subscriber is currently using their home network or if they are roaming internationally.

Clamp down on fraud

By comparing a subscriber's roaming status to other known information, such as IP address location, you can help clamp down on fraud and protect both you and your customers from illegal activity .

Ported numbers

Determine if the subscriber has ported their number away from the original Mobile Network Operator.

No throughput restrictions

Our REST API is designed with scalability in mind, ensuring we can accept whatever requests are necessary for your use case.

Real-time lookups

Our lookup service queries for phone lookup data in real-time, ensuring you have the latest information available.

Performing a lookup

There are two ways to use our lookup services:

How to lookup method 1

You can connect directly to our gateway via our HTTP REST API.


How to lookup method 1

You can use our
online portal.

Use our online portal

Most of our customers find the API integration to be the preferred option, using the online portal as a convenience for ad-hoc requests.

Both provide access to the same real-time number lookups.

Lookup flow

How to lookup method 1

Identify phone numbers to validate...

Identify existing numbers in your systems, or ask users to supply these as part of your application flow and business process .

How to lookup method 1

Query our HLR Number Lookup API...

Make requests to our REST API in order for us to perform the heavy-lifting; querying Ofcom and Mobile Network Operators to gather data.

How to lookup method 1

Take action as necessary...

Use the data received to act accordingly - cleanse your database, improve SMS campaign deliverability, or use as a potential indicator of fraud .

Flow diagram

Example request

curl https://api.aql.com/v2/network-lookup/447700900000
- H "Content-type: application/json"
- H "X-Auth-Token: {{YOUR_API_ TOKEN}}"

Example response

data": {
 "number": "447700900000",
 "status": {
  "code": 0,
  "description": "OK"
"mcc": "234",
"mnc": "1O",
"network": {
  "name": "02 (Telefonica UK Ltd)",
  "country": "United Kingdom",
  "contact": null
"imsi": "234100000000000",
"ported": false,
"roaming": false

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