Messaging prices

We have a simple pricing model for all of our messaging services. We simply charge you per message for the SMS messages you send. There is no setup fee included.

Pre-pay message prices

Pre-pay messages allow you to credit your account when required. Messages will remain on your account for up to 12 months as standard. Should you wish to extend this period, please get in touch

All prices below are subject to VAT at 20%.

50 SMS messages

  • £6.00 Premium (UK)
  • £7.50 Premium (Global)

100 SMS messages

  • £10.00 Premium (UK)
  • £12.50 Premium (Global)

200 SMS messages

  • £19.00 Premium (UK)
  • £23.75 Premium (Global)

500 SMS messages

  • £45.00 Premium (UK)
  • £56.00 Premium (Global)

1000 SMS messages

  • £80.00 Premium (UK)
  • £100.00 Premium (Global)

10 000 SMS messages

  • £550.00 Premium (UK)
  • £800.00 Premium (Global)

100 000 SMS messages

  • £4,900.00 Premium (UK)
  • £7,090.00 Premium (Global)

UK premium

Use the UK premium option to send SMS text messages to UK networks only. You can send up to 5% non-UK traffic via our UK premium account. This option is ideal for users sending the majority of their traffic to the UK, but still needing some international delivery.

Global premium

Use the global premium option to send SMS text messages to many different networks across the globe. We charge the same price for all destinations. Download our network availability for outbound SMS document to see the complete list of destinations.

Other info

All our prices include access to our SMS services and gateways. In addition, each account can use up to 10 free incoming keywords via our incoming text message gateway. All prices include delivery receipts as standard.

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