Virtual mobile numbers


Virtual mobile numbers

Our high-capacity virtual mobile numbers enable you to instantly receive large quantities of SMS text messages directly on your SMS platform or email. With a constant rate of 20 messages/second, aql's virtual mobile numbers are designed for your high-volume SMS campaigns.

The virtual numbers service enables you to:

  • Accommodate large amounts of SMS text messages on our secure and reliable SMS platform or directly to your email
  • Access your data anytime, anywhere through your aql account
  • Collect data received from your recipients in real-time on your own application or CRM software
  • Set up two-way SMS text messaging campaigns, by sending a message and receiving a reply from users on your virtual mobile number
  • Stay in touch with customers or staff all around the world thanks to our internationally-enabled virtual mobile numbers

Next steps

Get in touch to set up virtual numbers on your aql account. If you don't have an aql account, sign up for a free trial and test our SMS solutions.

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