IP telephony

Business numbers


Business numbers

With over 12 million numbers available for allocation, we provide businesses with geographic or non-geographic numbers in most local area codes. IP Telephony numbers are ideal for call centres, national operations and even remote workers. Businesses with offices across the country can get a local number in every major town and city, and relay them all to the same handset using our free VoIP call forwarding system.


aql numbers can be ordered in large blocks quickly and simply by using our APIs. Your aql number can be presented to you in a number of ways:

  • Forwarded to your existing landline or mobile
  • Presented to you or your customers on your own brand of mobile device
  • Delivered to a soft-phone or desktop IP phone over your office adsl or sdsl line
  • Via a dedicated fibre connection into your own premises


aql business numbers have a monthly charge of £2.00 + VAT per geographic (01/02) / non geographic (08) number (charged quarterly in advance). The 0844 numbers have no monthly charge and the set up cost is free for all types of numbers. 

Next steps

Choose an aql geographic or non-geographic number for your business and it will be assigned and ready to use within minutes. We're constantly expanding the list of area codes available, so if you don't see the area code you wish to choose from, please get in touch and we will be able to advise on when these will be available.

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