Use SMS to stay in touch with parents, pupils and staff


The aql messaging solutions enable education institutions to easily communicate with students, pupils and parents via SMS. Text messaging is the most accessible and convenient form of communication, ensuring an instant delivery and enabling teaching professionals to:

  • Send parents absence or illness alerts, event reminders, school closure and exam dates notifications
  • Send students reminders for exam dates, school events and appointments, and paper due dates
  • Notify students of their exam results
  • Inform parents and students in emergency situations, such as school closures due to bad weather
  • Notify your staff of schedule changes, events or last minute staff replacement requirements


  • Benefit from a reliable, cost effective and efficient communication solution
  • Improve relationship to parents by keeping them up-to-date on their pupils' schedule and day-to-day activities
  • Encourage students through after-school club notifications, praise and follow-ups notifications
  • Keep staff, parents and pupils up to date with school events, meetings and announcements
  • Benefit from a hassle-free integration to your system

Get mobile


JANET(UK) partnered with aql and Three to design a high capacity data service for education institutions and research organisations. The wide range of 3G mobile data packages were designed to provide fill-in access for the education and research community, when WiFi or fixed connectivity is not available.

The framework agreement ended on 21 July 2015. Customers who signed up to Janet 3G before that date are still eligible for support for two years following the date they joined.

Management and support will continue to be provided by aql. Following the closure, customers are able to purchase 3G services directly from aql.

Benefits of aql's service:

  • Easy to purchase and set up: order your 3G data sims to connect your mobile devices
  • Have your SIMs delivered and working next working day if ordered before 3pm
  • Get connected with a reliable, fast accessible service available on the fastest and highest-coverage 3G network in the UK


  • Enable your colleges, teachers, students and support staff to remotely access vital resources such as research data, virtual learning environments and library catalogues whilst on the move
  • Flexible offering and tariffs: choose your commitment length, from a two year contract for cost savings to a one month rolling 'Pay As You Use' service
  • Maintain control of account creation: manage roaming users' access and security by using your organisation's own IP addresses

Trusted solutions

The solution provided by aql is already delivering significant business benefits as it easily integrates with our existing ICT environment without being committed to a lengthy and restrictive contract should we wish to adopt the solution further.

Steven Watt, Chief Information Officer, University of St. Andrews

Place your equipment in a high security rated data centre


Our secure, resilient green facilities house the main JANET network node for the region, allowing the academic institutions to leverage unsurpassed speeds onto the academic Terabit network.

  • Outsource your datacentre and colocation requirements
  • Host and protect large volumes of student data and critical research information
  • Connect your infrastructure to the high-speed JANET network


  • Support multi-campus connectivity, digitalisation and data sharing
  • Provide the necessary IT infrastructure for high density computing and e-learning web applications
  • Support campus network applications and operations
  • Benefit from a price offering dedicated to educational usage

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