Secure Hosting and Disaster recovery network infrastructure


Our Leeds based metropolitan facilities are highly secure, Impact Level 5 accredited datacentres with 24/7 on-site security officers, CCTV and robust physical security. By colocating your data and equipment within our facilities, you can:

  • Protect and securely store your financial sensitive data in a highly-secure ISO accredited environment
  • Meet the UK HMG information assurance standard
  • Have a direct access to the only independent northern Internet Exchange Point: IXLeeds
  • Access our high-speed, low latency, extensively peered network, allowing transit to many destinations
  • Connect your network to the rest of the world via London independent routes
  • Have unrestricted 24/7 access to your colocated equipment


  • Use a geographically diverse North-South network architecture to decrease drastically the possibility of a cyber-attack
  • Increase network and financial resilience for London based operators
  • Rely on an effective disaster recovery plan in an autonomous digital city with a well-established internet capability Ideal colocation and resilience solution for financial companies with offices both in London and Leeds

Smart messaging solutions for the fintech industry


aql's direct text messaging service is a fast, reliable solution to develop your customer relationship and improve the overall user experience. Choose our messaging services to:

  • Send customer reminders for appointments, renewals or policy updates
  • Communicate account informations, such as payments, transactions and balance updates to your customers
  • Send your customers important alerts in the case of overdrafts, overseas transactions or overdue payments Integrate two-factor authentication within your processes for a higher level of security
  • Receive messages from your customers directly into your CRM


  • Improve the level of customers service with a reliable, cost effective and efficient communication solution
  • Deliver high-piriority information to your customers directly to their phones Improve security and protect your customers from fraudulent activity
  • Engage with your customers by using a two-way messaging communication solution, giving them the opportunity to reply
  • Gain valuable time by reducing appointments no-show and chasing overdue payments
  • Communicate with customers about new services you offer that may benefit them

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