Secure mobile connectivity for GPs


The aql mobile solution allows healthcare practitioners to access vital patient information from mobile devices and make medical decisions, such as prevention and diagnosis. By using our M2M solution, you can:

  • Connect healthcare medical devices and equipment to the internet
  • Access real-time patient information whether in an office, clinic, institution, or in the field
  • Collect patient information and create data sets for analysis
  • Integrate connectivity at the mobile network level
  • Control the data routing across the internet


  • Improve remote working and home visits efficiency
  • View and update patient records
  • Perform remote medical monitoring, such as blood pressure, sugar level and heart monitoring
  • Assign tasks, schedule and open documents such as x-rays or discharge letters
  • Faster diagnosis and better prevention processes
  • Enjoy a cost-effective solution for your medical staff - only involving medical specialists where needed
  • Protect sensitive patient information throughout a secure network

Trusted by EMIS Group

We have a very mature relationship with aql who provide EMIS Group with a number of products and services. aql understand the dynamic environment we work within and are always happy to tweak their internal processes and reports to fit our business needs.

Stephen Wilcock, Egton Managing Director

Instant messaging for healthcare providers


The aql messaging solutions enable health organisations to easily communicate with staff and patients via SMS. Our messaging solutions enable you to:

  • Confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments with patients
  • Schedule patient appointment and staff meeting reminders with detailed information
  • Receive instant replies from your staff and patients
  • Follow up on patient medication treatments
  • Send test results information via SMS rather than calling each patient


  • Communicate instantly and cost-effectively with your staff and patients
  • Deliver vital information to ambulance services in a time-sensitive manner
  • Improve patient care and satisfaction
  • Gain valuable time by reducing the number of missed appointments
  • Make significant cost savings by reducing the number of internal and external calls
  • Improve staff communication and internal shifts processes efficiency
  • Organise healthy lifestyle awareness campaigns via SMS

Store and protect confidential patient data


By colocating your data within aql secure and reliable data centre facilities, you can:

  • Store confidential patient data in a secure, resilient, ISO-accredited environment
  • Communicate personal healthcare data to centralised, secure databases
  • Instantly access health data from any work environment
  • Integrate security standards within your organisation's network


  • Manage increasing amounts of health data driven by the IT revolution
  • Protect sensitive patient health and medical information
  • Benefit from a security structure and existing framework
  • Earn the trust of the public, by being compliant with security and privacy standards

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