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Can I change the originator for messages I send?

Yes, you can set the originator of outgoing messages from your sms2email account. When logged into your account, on the green menu click "setup >> set message originator".

You can set the originator to be a "normal" mobile by entering the number as "447xxxxxxxxx" - when your message is received it will be treated as if it were sent from a mobile of that number. Mobile originators can be up to 16 characters in length.

Alternatively, you can set the originator to alphanumeric characters, such as your name or the name of your business. Alpha-numeric originators are restricted to 11 characters.

Can I only send normal Text Messages via the Web Service?

No, you can send normal SMS messages to multiple destinations. You can also make use of multi-part messaging via the web service. There is an interface to send Binary SMS messages, Wap Push messages and also MMS notifications. Further details can be found in the SOAP Developer Guide.

Can I run more than one copy of the Desktop SMS application at any one time?

Yes. You can install as many copies on as many PC's as you wish. You can use the same username and password in each copy.

Can I send an SMS to a Landline?

If you are using our premium(uk) or premium(global) service, then you can send messages to BT landlines.

It is important to note that text messages with non-number originator (ie. alphanumeric originator eg. "my company") would be rejected by BT landlines.

If you would like to send messages to landline which does not support SMS, then we provide an email to speech service.

Can I send SMS to the US (United States)?

Sending SMS to the USA has become very difficult as of January 2005.

This is because the US carriers are now imposing restrictions on who can send content into their networks.

In order to send SMS into a US network, you first need to apply for a dedicated shortcode (Which aql.com can "host").

Can I send WAP push to America?

Yes and no. Please contact us on 0800 389 5815 to discuss your requirements.

Can I skip the Announcement Message?

If you do not wish your customers to hear the "Please listen carefully to the following text message" announcement, you can set this by adding the option skipintro=1.

Do I need to use 00 at the start of an International SMS?

No, for example message to the UK mobile 07778123456 you would remove the leading zero and add the country code (44).

Thus the number would be 447778123456.

Different Types Of Codes

There are different codes that are used in telephony systems. The one most people will be familiar with is the National Direct Dialing Prefix. This is the number that is commonly used when dialing any non-local number. This is not used when dialing internationally.

In the UK it is '0' E.G. 01229 123 456.

Also familiar may be the International Direct Dialing Code. This is dialled to get access to an international number, and is followed by the Country Code.

The majority of countries use the IDD '00' (but not USA) and to dial to the UK from another country, the Country Code is '44'. E.G. To Dial to the UK from Germany, you would dial 00 44 1229 123 456.

Sending International SMS

This works in a similar way. All SMS sent via sms2email should be put in international format, even if sending to the UK.

International Format: International format is ' ' E.G. 447766404142

For more information on dialling codes, please see www.callersmart.com. This site shows a list of all country codes (e&oe).

Do you offer a Binary API?

We offer a fully configurable low-level binary interface which can be connected to via HTTP POST. The interface specifications can be found here.

How am I billed for my SIP-Trunk?

Each time a call ends the charge of the call is recorded against your account, each month you will receive an invoice to pay for the calls. You will receive notifications when the amount gets to a certain percentage against the bond, (75% 50% 25% 10%) you can increase the bond size at any time by raising a support ticket. If the amount gets to 0% against the bond the service may be disconnected. (As agreed via the contract).


To get the call data record (CDR), go to the following page and login with your username and password. Changing YYYY to the year (eg 2010) and MM to the month (eg 08).


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