Network lookup

The aql Network Lookup is a phone network identification tool. Using the form at the link below, you can identify the network operator for a particular UK mobile or landline telephone number, based on Ofcom information.

You can use the service to identify active mobile users for list cleaning purposes. We also provide a phone network lookup API for developers to integrate the tool.

To perform a genuine network lookup or a network lookup on a foreign (non-UK) telephone number, you need to sign up for an aql account.

Three 3G coverage checker

The aql 3G coverage checker allows you to check the coverage of the Three 3G network in your area. In order to use this tool, you only need a valid postcode for the form below. You will receive information about the coverage and the signal strength of the Three 3G network for the postcode that you provide.

This coverage checker is free to use. We also provide a coverage checker API for developers to integrate the tool. Alternatively, you can text your postcode to 88588 (free of charge) for the coverage information.

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