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Email to SMS - Distribution list tutorial

The distribution list mode allows you to send SMS text messages to an entire list of individuals as quickly and efficiently as possible via your email.


Create a distribution list

  1. Login to your aql account.
  2. Choose "Email to SMS", then "Manage Distribution Lists" from the setup menu.
  3. Select "Add" to create a new distribution list.
  4. Input the phone numbers of the people you would like to send SMS messages to. It is important to put the country code in front of the mobile number to ensure these messages are sent to the correct destination. You can choose to do this on the website or in an application of your choice.
  5. Copy these mobile numbers into a distribution list. The format of the list is either one mobile number per line with no commas. This is known as "separation type: return" or: mobilenumber1,mobilenumber2,mobilenumber3, – ie appended by commas with no spaces. This is known as "separation type: comma".
  6. Paste this list of numbers into the "Mobile number list" box on site, enter a name for the list, and click on 'Validate'.
  7. Confirm: You will be presented with the imported data and asked to confirm it appears as expected. Once you have confirmed, the distribution list will be saved for use.

Create an email address

  1. Choose "Distribution list" from the "Email to SMS" menu.
  2. Associate a sending email address (the one setup in your email client) to the distribution list you have setup.
  3. After you have added the association a 30 character "Key reference" will be shown. The key is unique to this association. 

Send a message to your distribution list

  1. To send a SMS text message to your distribution list, send an email to: <keyreference>

Example email address:


You will receive a confirmation/error message from the system notifying you if the messages have been sent out, or whether you do not have sufficient credit.

Sending rates and destinations

The text message will then be taken from the first 160 characters of the subject and message body together. Your account will be charged 1 credit per SMS text message.

Some destinations are charged at higher rates. Click here to see the rates per destination.

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