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Web to SMS - Send Bulk SMS tutorial


Create a distribution list

  1. Login to your aql account.
  2. Choose "Manage distribution lists" from the setup menu. 
  3. Copy your mobile numbers into a distribution list. The format of the list is either one mobile number per line with no commas or: mobilenumber1,mobilenumber2,mobilenumber3, – ie appended by commas with no spaces.
  4. Paste this list of numbers into the "Mobile number list" box on site, enter a name for the list, and press 'Validate'.
  5. Confirm: You will be presented with the imported data and asked to confirm it appears as expected. Once you have confirmed, the distribution list will be saved for use.

Send SMS text messages to your distribution list

  1. Select the "Distribution list' link from the send menu in your aql account.
  2. Enter the message you wish to send to your numbers.
  3. Specify the originator ID and a time for sending (optional).
  4. Check your message and sending options and press the send messages button.

Your messages will then be queued for sending, either at the time you specified, or immediately if you have not specified a time.

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