Don’t forget to say Happy Christmas – Schedule some Texts!

Although most of aql’s mobile messaging services are provided for business-to-business purposes, why not bend the rules a little at Christmas. It’s easy with the bustle of unwrapping presents and managing relatives, to forget to drop a line to an old mate.

Why not plan ahead and send the texts now, but schedule them to be delivered on Christmas morning?

It’s simple to do – just log on via (or, if you need to create a new account – just go to the free trial option – you even get 50 free texts on us)

Then go to – “Account Navigation” (on left) … SMS … Send SMS … To Specific Number.

Follow the dialogue, enter your recipient(s), message and then choose under (4) – “Schedule Message Send” … Choose a time and date to send!

Don’t forget – txt responsibly! – it’s ok to text your friends from your mobile number, or your customers if they have opted-in. If in doubt, please get in touch with your account manager who’ll be happy to help and advise as much as possible.

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