Case study: Synextra

aql’s colocation services enable Synextra to securely build a Northern availability zone.

In 2018, Synextra approached aql needing to locate servers in a new viable availability zone and protect its services from failure, in order to do so, it needed its new colocation facility to be located a particular distance from its other datacentre sites. aql now provides Synextra with highly secure and connected rack space within one of its secure datacentre facilities in Leeds with onsite 24/7 security.

Warrington based Synextra has quickly established itself as a leading UK cloud provider. Founded in 2014 in the heart of Manchester’s Media City, the business opened its doors to UK businesses as a new breed of cloud vendor, delivering complex technologies in a simple to consume and cost-effective manner.

Over the years, Synextra has rapidly grown with numerous infrastructure upgrades and new datacentre rollouts. It provides cloud hosting services to small to mid-market IT departments across the UK, specialising in security and proactive 24/7 support and offers geo-resiliency. The company supports its customer’s IT departments to outsource underlying infrastructure and systems. Its mission is to deliver complex technologies in a simple to consume and cost-effective manner.

The company prides itself on delivering round the clock expertise to their customers giving them peace of mind, not only helping them on their journey to the cloud but being there every step of the way.

Location, location, location

As it was rapidly growing, Synextra was struggling to find the right connectivity and already had datacentres located in and around Manchester and London. It also needed a site that was a certain distance away from the businesses’ other datacentre locations and to find a new availability zone.

“We spent a lot of time finding a location and aql’s datacentre ticked all the boxes. The things that really stood out to us were, the location, having security present 24/7 in the building, and the thought that goes into everything the aql team does for its customers,” said Chris Piggott, CEO of Synextra.

Super speed and attentive service

Within just 14 days from order, Synextra was up and running with its rack in the aql datacentre.

Piggott continues, “A member of the account management team worked closely with us to identify our needs, and within 14 days of placing the order, we went live within aql’s datacentre with a full working rack. The whole process was quick and easy including a lot of connectivity and completed cross-connects in super speedy time.”

“We’ve been with aql for over three years now. It is a fantastic location and a great building. The support we have received has been great and our account manager has been very attentive, helpful and super-fast to get back to us,” comments Piggott.

Synextra rack in the aql datacentre.

Expanding services with aql

As Synextra continues to grow its portfolio of cloud hosting services with geo-resiliency, so will its rack space with aql’s datacentre.

“We'll be looking to expand our presence with aql datacentres and taking on our second footprint. As we onboard new customers we will also expand this availability zone, taking on more services and connectivity plus hopefully making use of more of the new portfolio of solutions that aql is delivering,” says Piggott.