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Case study: Dataphiles

The Customer

Dataphiles is a developer of bespoke software solutions designed to support a variety of different business requirements. In addition, the company works with over 2000 UK-based healthcare providers, across both the private and public sector, offering its successful PatientComms platform.

The PatientComms platform offers advanced text messaging, email and marketing software, designed to schedule appointments, send reminders to patients, gather feedback and send ad hoc educational and marketing messages. For the past two years, aql has successfully assisted the communications process with its SMS messaging platform.

The challenge

Like many businesses, Dataphiles was looking to reduce its operational costs but without having to sacrifice on quality and customer service. aql was an easy choice for Dataphiles’ CEO, Kieran Bentham, thanks to its incredibly competitive rates.

However, the fantastic customer service and reliability of aql was also a big driving force in the decision to use its SMS messaging service.

The solution

As well as proving to be a cost-effective option, aql also provided Dataphiles with an effective service it could rely on and a dedicated account manager.

“What I like about aql is the fact that we always have the ability to pick up the phone and speak to our dedicated account manager, who will immediately deal with things or escalate them to the tech team if necessary to resolve the problem. What’s more, aql is also at hand to come up with innovative solutions if required and is constantly willing to go the extra-mile in that respect.”
Kieran Bentham, CEO at Dataphiles

Dataphiles’ PatientComms platform has successfully driven down the “did not attend” (DNA) rate for appointments within the NHS and amongst other private healthcare providers. It considers the reliability and robustness of aql’s SMS messaging service to have played a significant part in further driving down the DNA rate.

“aql’s service has the highest possible delivery rates, ensuring that the right message gets to the relevant patient every time, which has a bigger impact on the DNA reduction.”
Kieran Bentham, CEO at Dataphiles