image: aql SMS for the Serco Group

Case study: Serco Group

The customer

Serco Group is a British outsourcing company based in Hook, Hampshire. It operates public and private transport and traffic control, aviation, military weapons, detention centres, call centres, prisons and schools on behalf of its customers.

The challenge

Serco needed a faster, more efficient way for their customers’ contact centre services to communicate.

The solution

Using aql’s SMS services, Serco is able to alert their members when they receive an email. They’re also able to send large volumes of SMS messages. At the touch of a button, Serco can make direct contact with over 100,000 members, quickly and cost-effectively.

As a result, Serco has reduced repeat calls and minimised resolution time. Furthermore, at a time when their membership has expanded by over 10% in a short period, aql’s SMS platform enables them to continue communicating with each individual member without any additional time or resources required – a significant cost and time saving.

“One of the things that attracted us to aql was their reliable SMS services and their capacity for a secure network using SFTP. The technology platform isn't the only benefit of our relationship with aql. Over the years, we have found that our account manager is always eager to help and is only a phone call away - even at 5pm on a Friday! There have been many occasions when we've had to move at short notice or ask for something out of the ordinary and each and every time, aql have always delivered for us.”

Mark Lonie, Serco Group


Customers contacted


Increase in membership


Solutions created


Repeat calls