What is M2M?

M2M (machine-to-machine) is the automated exchange of information between the billions of devices connected to the internet, and the billions more set to appear over the next few years. It’s about making things talk.

From fridges to cars, and smart motorways to wind turbines, all kinds of things are currently coming online to form the internet of things, and M2M is how we make sense of them.

It’s how remote sensors send information back home. It’s how companies make sure their critical infrastructure stays online, even when the broadband connection goes down. It’s the heart of the smart city.

aql built its original IoT platform back in 2011. Now our easy-to-use M2M connectivity, via our range of SIM cards and cost-effective data options, powers all kinds of businesses and all kinds of things. We’re powering a connected society.


Wholesale SIM cards

SingleNet and MultiNet SIMs for resellers.

Enterprise mobile data solutions

Custom IoT & M2M solutions.



LoRaWAN solutions for the internet of things.


We’re an Ofcom-regulated telecoms operator with enterprise-grade network and physical security. Our SIMs connect directly to a secure core and, with our L2TP service, your traffic never touches the internet. Plus, we monitor millions of quality and security metrics every day to keep our services running smoothly
We offer two SIM options: SingleNet for affordability and MultiNet for resiliency. Pair either with one of our flexible, cost-effective tariffs, including data bundles, pay-as-you-go and hybrid options, for a simple, personalised M2M package
Manage your SIMs with our feature-rich platform or use our APIs to integrate our platform into yours. L2TP keeps you in control and, with static IPs as standard, you can manage and monitor your SIMs remotely
Our SIMs come with dynamic lifecycle management, from pre-production testing through to return-to-stock, as well as real-time call detail records to prevent fraud and unauthorised usage, and geo-fencing

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