We operate a heavily interconnected national network with full geographic resilience, spanning multiple UK sites. With a large presence in both London and Leeds, and many other significant points of presence, we provide extensive interconnects into the UK's fixed and mobile networks.

Data centres

Our resilient data centre solutions are supplied in partnership with Airedale, Schneider Electric and Mercury Power. All our facilities are designed and managed in-house.


All our network connectivity is dual-vendor, dual-route between each core node, minimising exposure on any particular fibre path or geography. In addition to our own data centres, we run a national MPLS core network. We are proactive in peering with other communications and content providers. We are also a RIPE LIR (Local Internet Registry) and operate our own network Autonomous System: AS33920.


Our wholesale telecommunications network, handling millions of minutes per day, is a carrier-grade solution, spread geographically across the UK, using Audiocodes, Teles and Sonus technology. Many of our competitors use open-source technology for this essential service delivery. Because aql is one of the largest inbound DDI providers in the UK, we don't compromise and have invested millions in infrastructure to provide reliable delivery of voice solutions to many of the UK's ISPs, who, in turn supply B2B and B2C telecoms services to their end users.

Mobile messaging

We operate regulated mobile direct interconnects, and are both a member of GSMA and a mobile operator regulated by Ofcom. We operate six geographic sites with many hundreds of points of interconnect into mobile operators. With well over a decade's experience in mobile messaging, aql supports many of the specialist messaging operators in the UK. aql is also the largest global operator of wholesale inbound messaging, hosting over 80 million numbers for inbound SMS.


Our MPLS core network is Juniper-based, with an agile Brocade edge. Our Leeds-based NOC monitors all aspects of service delivery 24/7.