Case study: AllIot

2024 has seen the launch of our new strategic partnership with AllIot Technologies. Our 25-year heritage in enabling technology and AllIot’s expertise in IoT hardware, connectivity and services make the partnership a natural fit. By combining our Core IoT platform with AllIot's sensors, we aim to provide businesses with a comprehensive IoT solution that enables them to monitor and manage their assets in real-time, optimise their operations, and drive business.

As a leading telecommunications enabler, we have developed Core, a complete sensor-agnostic IoT platform. Supporting LoRaWAN, low-power Bluetooth, and serial devices, it allows users to easily manage sensor readings so that businesses can make smarter decisions and drive change. This technology has been deployed across our 5G IoT-enabled testbeds including the Eden Project, Connected Cowes, Factory of the Future, and Mobile Access North Yorkshire. During these projects we deployed hardware and software LoRaWAN sensors from leading IoT specialist AllIot. To see more about how we've utlilised AllIot's sensors, click here.

AllIot is a leading distributor of IoT solutions throughout the UK and wider Europe. Capable of providing a wealth of IoT sensors and gateways, AllIot are experts in providing IoT technologies, devices and services to fit a variety of companies. The company’s sensors cover a wide variety of different readings for measurables such as soil moisture, temperature, air quality, and pH levels.

iot diagram

How the Core platform connects AllIot’s IoT sensors to user applications

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with aql. The dedication and passion shared by the team was clear from day one. With our vast portfolio of IoT sensors and their industry-leading platform, we’re excited to get started on delivering some truly innovative projects for their partners.” Rob Ferriday, Business Development Manager, AllIot.

AllIot’s Business Development Manager, Rob Ferriday, delivering a talk on AllIot’s IoT capabilities at the aql hackathon event in November 2023

“We have been a customer of AllIot for many years and their portfolio of IoT sensors has been instrumental in allowing us to create leading 5G-enabled IoT testbeds. Our new strategic partnership will allow our Core™ IoT platform to make the portfolio sensors accessible to our customers and partnerships and ensure a single-click deployment of any sensors from the AllIot range.” Andrew Morris, VP Product & Development, aql.

The new strategic partnership will allow us to integrate AllIot’s wide catalogue of sensors directly with our Core™ IoT platform so that the procurement and installation of sensors is a seamless plug-and-play experience. The integration will allow our customers and partners to procure AllIot sensors from within our Core IoT platform. These sensors will then be automatically added to Core with any associated IoT application keys. Typically, IoT sensors require decoders that translate the raw readings into human-readable values – thanks to our new partnership this process will be seamless. This means that once a sensor arrives it will be immediately ready to route traffic to our Core IoT platform, making the process a simple case of procurement and installation. This means our customers and partners will be able to drive success outcomes much quicker than via traditional setup processes. 

If you would like to learn more about our Core IoT platform, please get in touch via our contact page.