Case study: Inhealthcare

With the ever increasing pressure put on healthcare organisations to deliver more services, Inhealthcare turned to aql to enable them to rapidly meet the NHS’s need for cost effective delivery of digital services to patients without compromising on quality or reliability.

Founded in 2012, Inhealthcare is the leading provider of digital health and remote patient monitoring services in the UK. Its digital services monitor patients in their own homes, reducing pressures on health and social care staff. Its head office is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire where it employs approximately 30 staff.

Pressure to do more

In the complex landscape of the NHS and with increasing pressure being put on healthcare organisations to provide further services and look after patients with more complex needs, Inheathcare noticed its customers were looking to streamline the number of suppliers they worked with. It was becoming clear its care home customers wanted the best digital health and remote patient monitoring service available. They also wanted one but one that could create efficiencies and generate cost savings.

Inhealthcare also needed a way to ensure citizens within the UK were able to communicate with its platform easily to send remote monitoring results back to be successfully recorded. The company wanted to offer a variety of communication methods to create digital inclusivity for UK end users. SMS text messaging is one of the key methods of communication used to make this happen.

“SMS is one of the most used communication methods in modern society and we wanted to make sure the Inhealthcare platform offered a way for our customers to deliver a service that needed little to no training for their users to utilise it effectively,” said Mike Wray, Chief Technology Officer - Inhealthcare.

Working to strict requirements

With a proven track record within the healthcare sector, Inhealthcare approached aql to meet the organisation’s need for a cost effective and reliable service and took on our SMS messaging service. Our success working with other healthcare IT providers stood out for Inhealthcare, in particular our capability of sending bulk SMS messages within the stringent requirements of working with NHS organisations with regards to information security.

Our experienced tech team worked closely with Inhealthcare to ensure there was a smooth transition from their existing SMS supplier. Most importantly, the Inhealthcare team were able to test services thoroughly through each development environment prior to customer deployments.

Enabling better digital healthcare


aql’s SMS messaging service has enabled Inhealthcare to enhance its service and offer different ways for end users to interact with the platform. It is particularly relevant for patients who may not have access to the internet.

“Working with aql has ensured that Inhealthcare can meet the NHS’s need for cost effective delivery of digital services to patients without compromising on quality and reliability,”  further comments Wray. “We are committed to working with aql to further support the citizens of the UK with digital healthcare. SMS is an easy and cost effective way for everyone to communicate with their health care team and providing this service will continue to be an area of focus for Inhealthcare.”