aql is a founding member of IXLeeds – the Northern internet exchange.

We provide all space, power, cabling and support to IXLeeds for free, including cabling to members.

The exchange brings value to our customers and to the region by promoting cooperation between network operators in the North of England, improving the quality of local traffic and attracting national and international companies in need of Northern interconnection capability.

image: IXLeeds
image: WiFi Phoneboxes

In 2013, aql reconditioned 24 Giles Gilbert Scott-designed red telephone boxes. The boxes were painted blue, converted into solar-powered free WiFi access points, and placed around Leeds city centre.

The boxes are known as Leeds Electronic Ordnance and Digital Information System, or LEODIS, after the old English name for the city of Leeds.

aql, Gulf Oil and a consortium of partners have announced plans to trial self-driving PODs in Leeds City Centre later this year.

The ‘super-connected’ PODs will be deployed in a controlled environment on the South Bank and aql will be conducting real-world testing of newly-developed software systems.

image: Autonomous pod
image: Jet suit over Leeds

aql and NorthInvest brought British aeronautic pioneers Gravity Industries and its founder and Chief Test Pilot, Richard Browning, to Leeds Digital Festival to showcase continued leaps in human flight technology by flying their latest jet suit.

Sensing Change

An agile new green technology platform that uses low-power sensors and a visual dashboard to monitor changes in behaviour over time.

Built around LoRaWAN technology, the platform leverages aql’s expertise in secure mobile communications, the internet of things, and quickly building and rolling out a product at scale.