Enabling real-time visibility into manufacturing workflows with 5G

As part of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) 5G Testbeds and Trials programme, the 5G-Factory of the Future (5G-FoF) project is developing an open-access industrial testbed to help manufacturers unlock and realise the potential benefits that 5G technology can bring to their operations. The smart factory of tomorrow starts today.

This ground-breaking project is set to unlock the potential 5G has in manufacturing to accelerate industrial digitalisation and support UK manufacturers on their journey to a smart, productive and sustainable future.

Given the opportunity as a partner to empower the project with a 5G network, aql will support the capability aspirations of real-time visibility into manufacturing workflows to help identify areas to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase output.

Key technology areas being explored are :

Internet of Things
Mobile Edge Computing
Visual Inpection + AI
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Digital Twins

The impact

  • Improve productivity and efficiency with manufacturing.
  • Better connect workers, machinery, supply chain and product.
  • Enable an agile and connected digital infrastructure to improve production processes, worker safety, quality control and much more.
5G future factory worker

“We believe collaboration will drive 5G to become a powerful intervention to support the next generation of real-time technologies and applications.

aql has been building the underlying set of capabilities to enable projects like 5G-FoF since 2015. We’ll be delivering the 5G network that will enable better manufacturing work practices through increased connectivity and bandwidth. The industrial digitalisation of the manufacturing industry will be driven by 5G and is soon to become a reality.

With a next-generation, secure, low-latency 5G network in place, manufacturers will experience increased levels of real-time data sharing to enable them to effectively manage workflows that will reduce costs, improve productivity and increase output. More effective workflows will also encourage better energy usage helping to reduce the manufacturing industry’s impact on the environment.”
Professor Adam Beaumont, Founder and Chairman, aql

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