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Case study: Evans Turner

Leading lift and escalator company Evans Turner created the hardware for the LIFTCLEANSE AIR, an LED UVC lift cleaning solution that sterilises lifts and reduces the threat of airborne viruses. However, they were unable to give the device connectivity, nor to scale or control the device remotely themselves. They also faced the unique challenge of needing to ensure the devices had reliable connectivity inside concrete lift shafts. It was with these challenges in mind that they sought us as a leading telecoms operator and technology enabler to help. Using our Core & Edge IoT technology, we were able to set up connectivity and IoT capabilities for the LIFTCLEANSE AIR devices, enabling them to be scalable, secure, and remotely controllable. 


How does it work?

aql Core IoT diagram

Our 25-year heritage as a telco allows LIFTCLEANSE AIR users to connect via our secure mobile network as well as building Wi-Fi, ensuring the most suitable connectivity option for different situations. 


How does the Core platform enable the LIFTCLEANSE AIR?

The Core platform can be integrated into building management systems or used directly to control the LIFTCLEANSE AIR. From here the user can control the LIFTCLEANSE AIR’s functions either manually or by setting up a schedule. Feedback and data on unit operations can be seen on the Core platform and can be sent directly to the user via SMS or by email 24/7, keeping users up to date on equipment efficiency and functionality in real time. The solution is scalable, allowing multiple LIFTCLEANSE AIR devices to be connected to and operated remotely and simultaneously. The ease of integration, remote control and dashboard access, and scalability of the Core and Edge IoT technology makes the LIFTCLEANSE AIR an effective and practical addition to building management systems.


Data from the LIFTCLEANSE AIR can be visualised, offering analytics and custom alarms 24/7.

aql Core dashboard

Carole Waite, Product innovator & Growth Accelerator for Evans Turner said “aql have supported us in our project to build LIFTCLEANSE AIR from the outset. From initial discussions on how to utilise their IoT offering into our product, to designing and reconfiguring the UI and dealing with the unique challenges faced when using connectivity devices in concrete lift shafts, aql have gone above and beyond, providing a great service that has led, ultimately, to a great product.

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