We offer secure hosting and colocation services via three highly-secure data centre facilities located in Leeds city centre. Whether you’re looking for a secure environment for your data and equipment, to cut operational costs, access our high-speed network infrastructure, peer regionally or have a POP for your own purposes in metropolitan Leeds, we can help.


Secure, flexible colocation solutions for customers of all sizes


Protect your data in a secure ISO-accredited environment, with enterprise-grade intrusion detection and millions of hardware and network metrics monitored daily
Meet environmental targets with our efficiency-leading data centres
Establish a presence both in and out of London with our state of the art, multi-site, multi-vendor network
Eliminate capital investment and reduce operational costs
Enjoy unrestricted 24/7 access to your colocated equipment
All our facilities are carrier-neutral, giving you access to a full choice of Tier 1 providers and multiple fibre, allowing you to choose the best internet access offering on site
Free interconnects to IXLeeds, the Northern internet exchange, housed in one of our facilities, giving you the opportunity to peer with many of the UK's DSL and IP connectivity providers
Direct access to the Janet network for universities, colleges and research organisations via our high-capacity access point

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  • Multiple facilities (DC2, DC3, DC5 and the Northern Shared Data Centre)
  • Located in metropolitan Leeds
  • Regional hosting model gives customers local accessibility
  • Easy access from M62 and M1
  • Hot and cold aisles
  • A and B feeds
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • UPS with generator backup
  • 24/7/365 building operation
  • Lift and access ramps
  • VESDA fire protection


  • Security guards (facilities manned 24/7)
  • External and internal CCTV monitored from multiple locations
  • Photo ID and zonal RFID entry
  • Perimeter electric fencing and controlled gate access (DC5)
  • Optional biometric access

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