Delivering the message of climate change urgency through the power of 5G

The Eden Project biomes

The world-famous biomes at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

aql is enabling the Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) funded Eden Universe project to unlock real-time content to augment and reinforce crucial environmental messages. The project will engage audiences using accessible, understandable content such as storytelling, experiences, arts and performance.

To achieve this, a 5G evolving Non-Standalone mobile network with 360º video cameras will be deployed across the Eden Project, Cornwall as a testbed for innovative solutions.

Not only will the Eden Universe project engage the ‘connected generation’ but also allow ‘connected nature’ to be delivered to care homes and support nature-as-therapy through virtual platforms.

The Impact

  • Enable “virtual visitors” to experience Eden Project exhibits and talks from their home, school or other locations.
  • Deliver real-time immersive content to audiences worldwide.
  • Improve facilities management of the Eden Project using integrated onsite sensor deployments.
  • Deploy virtual and augmented reality-based visitor enhancement that cannot be delivered via existing networks.
Eden Universe communication mast

aql 5G mast overlooking the Eden Project.

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