It’s some coincidence (!) that we’ve just started to roll out our blue phone boxes around Leeds at the time of the 50th anniversary of ‘The Doctor’. I was at an event last week and heard the phrase ‘engineered serendipity’. It made me smile. Entrepreneurism is all about that (I think).

The back-story – aql has stepped in to provide unconditional free high-capacity WiFi access for the high footfall areas of Leeds. We are rolling out 25 sites around Leeds city centre before July 2014. To do this, we first thought of using the lamp-posts to clamp our infrastructure to.

But, then, we thought of something better…

Why not put the equipment in original (ca 1937), restored, Sir Giles Gilbert Scott K6 phone booths? And that’s what we’ve done. We’re rolling these out across the city, in aql company colours of course.

Here’s a video of what the installation looked like!

A really great article describing the services in more detail can be found on the Daily Mail website.

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