Have you ever wondered how the Internet actually works? You click on the magic search page and it gives you what you want…

but how… and how is it so fast… and it just works…?

Well, there’s about 200 Internet ‘rock stars’ that hardly ever sleep and have dedicated their lives to making sure that it does. These are the people who operate the Internet exchanges…

These are the modern day equivalent to the old phone exchange. They connect the person that wants something from the internet to the thing that they want.

aql’s DC3 datacentre houses IXLeeds, the only mutual, not-for-profit internet exchange outside of London. IXLeeds has, in partnership with LINX and LONAP (the UK’s two London based exchanges) have been selected from a choice of many venues across the UK and Europe to host Euro-IX, bringing the together some of the brightest minds in Internet technology!

The event will comprise of a two day conference – the majority of which will be housed in aql’s Salem Chapel Auditorium.

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