aql: making the internet work for everyone

aql are all about making the Internet work for business, but they also play a role in making the Internet work in general, hosting one of the world’s L-Root servers – one of the root name servers which make the Internet work.

There are 13 root name servers named from A-M, each of which is actually a server cluster made up of a number of servers scattered around the world; one of which is hosted within DC3, aql’s highly secure Impact Level 5 accredited data centres in Leeds, UK.

There are currently over 100 L-Root nodes worldwide serving the Domain Name Systems (DNS) root zones. Each of these nodes is a critical part to Internet infrastructure, facilitating communication between all devices connected to the Internet by translating URLs to IP addresses.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) administrates the Root Name Server network and chose aql to host the L-Root equipment due to the security, resources and connectivity that DC3 offers.

aql founder and CEO, Dr Adam Beaumont said:
We’re delighted that we’ve been chosen to host such an integral piece of equipment.

Investment into security, both physical and electronic, has been vital in order for aql to offer the services required by our colocation clients. The fact that we now have technology that is integral to the way the Internet works within our facility shows the regard in which aql are held within the Internet community and that our continued investment in secure systems is putting us on the right track for the future.

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