aql to host Datacentre Transformation Conference 2013

aql are to host the Datacentre Transformation Conference (DTC) on Tuesday 9 July 2013 in the new aql conference auditorium at Salem Church, Leeds.

The DTC is presented by the Datacentre Alliance (DCA), the industry association for the datacentre industry; the University of Leeds Faculty of Engineering; and Datacentres Solutions (DCS) Magazine.

The event is set to bring an international audience to Leeds, including delegates from academia as well as from across all sectors of the datacentre industry. The conference at aql’s stunning auditorium will be followed by a drinks reception and dinner at Leeds’s Royal Armouries Museum.

Keynote speakers appearing at the event include Dr Robert Tozer, Managing Director of Operational Intelligence, who will be covering datacentre energy efficiency analysis and Emma Fryer of Intellect UK, who will be speaking on energy efficiency and climate change policy for the datacentre industry.

The DCT will also focus on new technologies, datacentre research and development, industry standards and the changes afoot in the industry in light of newly EU and government funded projects. Papers submitted by delegates are also to be presented covering particular areas and issues within the datacentres industry.

Dr Jon Summers of the University of Leeds Faculty of Engineering, who is playing a major role in the organising DCT13, believes that this year’s venue will add an extra dimension to the event: “This year the participants will be even more inspired as the technical and commercial presentations will take place in aql’s new conference facilities with a clear view of their datacentre below. My colleagues at the University of Leeds and co-organisers at the DCA and DCS Magazine believe that this will be a highlight of DCT13.

DCA executive director, Simon Campbell-Whyte, said of the event:
“this will be the third Leeds Data Centre Transformation Conference and it is now well established as the UK’s premier data centre conference outside of the capital and maybe the UK’s best for educational and scientific content… (with a programme) which will feature some great talks, including DCA updates, international industry experts and well as academic and government speakers.

If that’s not enough, Data Centre Solutions have organised the popular after conference dinner, again at the Royal Armouries in Leeds – if it is anything like last year this is also one not to be missed!

aql’s founder and CEO, Dr Adam Beaumont believes that the aql conference auditorium is the perfect venue for the event.
We‘ve built our auditorium specifically to host events for the good of the Internet and datacentre industries. What better venue is there for the DTC than an auditorium built above an Impact Level 5 accredited datacentre?“.

At aql we are looking to lead the way in datacentre design and technology and by hosting the DTC hopefully we can inspire members of the datacentre community to think differently and help our industry to keep evolving.

The aql conference auditorium, the venue for the 2013 Datacentre Transformation Conference, is being prepared to welcome the great and good of the datacentre industry at the event in July.

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