Clarion Solicitors – Big Data Event – 1 July

Clarion Solictors hosted one of their innovation business networking seminars in their offices in Leeds, this time with a subject of Big Data. Locally many organisations are looking to leverage big data across many different sectors.

Dr Adam Beaumont, CEO of aql, along with Roy Ruddle, Director of Research at University of Leeds, and Rashik Parmar, President of IBM Academy of Technology gave presentations to a cross section of local businesses, covering topics such as what is big data, how it is stored and moved, as well as how big data can be utilised and how it can benefit us all.

Matthew Hattersley, Clarion Partner, Paul Henderson, EMIS and Rich Smith of Bluesmith Information Sytems also contributed with insights into forthcoming new data protection legislation, and how their companies are working with big data.

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