aql attends “Innovation Network: Cyber Security, Impact and Opportunities”

Last week aql founder and CEO Dr Adam Beaumont spoke at the Innovation Network event, discussing the topic of cyber-security and what firms need to be aware of in an increasingly digital world. The event was run as a collaboration between The Yorkshire Post, Leeds Beckett University and Digital Catapult.

Dr Beaumont warned of the increasing threat faced from cyber-attacks on both major corporations and SMEs, and underlined the importance of a robust security procedure. Speaking to a packed room, he warned that when companies like Apple or Google, who can afford to spend millions on their security, are still compromised, smaller companies should expect the worst – “It only takes one mistake” he cautioned.

One of the biggest challenges that needs to be overcome is preventing young people from being tempted into a life of cybercrime – “you need to nurture young people’s skills on cyber security, without that outlet they will turn to the ‘dark side’ and you have to keep them on track” said Dr Beaumont, before going on to tell the story of finding a 14-year-old schoolboy in a former company’s servers and offering him a job off the back of his abilities.

Other speakers at the event included Lloyds Banking Group’s Lloyd Emmerson, Digital Enterprise Zone’s Ian Sharp and Leeds Beckett Director of Cybercrime & Security Innovation Cliffe Scheuders.

If your organisation is concerned about cyberthreats, aql are pleased to recommend the CiSP information-sharing partnership, an organisation and platform whose members share details of vulnerabilities and solutions between themselves, leading to enhanced overall security – for more information, contact

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