image:Salem Chapel’s WWI roll of honour restored

Salem Chapel’s WWI roll of honour restored

Historic documents and certificates discovered under floorboards at aql’s Salem Chapel HQ, including a WW1 roll of honour for Hunslet, have been lovingly restored.

The sheer number of names on the roll of honour – over 700 – really brings home the impact of the war on the area and its community, especially at this time of remembrance.

We’ve created a digital roll to allow anyone who had past generations from Hunslet to search for names – the original documents are currently on display in aql’s offices, and will be on public view next year.

Salem Chapel – which dates back to 1791 and was the birthplace of Leeds United Football Club in 1919 – was purchased by aql’s founder and CEO Professor Adam Beaumont in 2009. The chapel was carefully restored, whilst also making sensitive alternations to accommodate the needs of a technology business, as well as the internet exchange for the North of England.

Adam commented: “We’ve uncovered many documents as we’ve restored the chapel. To us, these are the most precious, honouring those from Hunslet who served to keep us safe and are a reminder of our indebtedness to our forces, past and present”.

To view the names and regiments of the fallen, please click here.