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aql is proud to be known as a technology innovator. CEO Prof. Adam Beaumont founded the company by launching innovative communication services during the boom. Our CEO is also an active investor in inventive technology companies, with such varied designs as healthcare innovation and jet suits.

Our mission continues to be to address global markets through strengthening technology partnerships, allowing each partner to focus on their specialism. The result is a stronger service offering.

The formation of angel investment programme NorthInvest in 2015 was borne out of the need to help support today’s innovators; aql’s customers of tomorrow.

This article in business insider explains the importance of access to not just funding but the ​right​ kind of funding and mentorship for tech start-ups.

It explores how new businesses struggle to identify potential sources of investment as well as diverting their energy and time towards seeking funding rather than on developing their innovations.

Disappointingly only 5% of SME’s have considered Angel Investment, and just 7% Crowdfunding revealing that there remains a huge gap when it comes to
connecting start-ups with those willing and able to offer both financial support and mentoring.

Prof. Adam Beaumont raised these issues during a conversation with former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne which was the starting point for
the creation of NorthInvest.

Adam explained ​“George asked what was the biggest barrier to business. I said it was getting access to finance, which came with mentorship. If you’re not careful a startup can be spending 30 to 40 percent of its time trying to raise the next round of funding when it should be spending 100 percent of its time innovating and driving its product forward.”

Two decades on, aql is passionate about enabling start-ups and the next generation of innovators allowing them to develop their product more rapidly by sharing its range of easily integrated communications tools.

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