image: aql sponsors fintech hackathon at the University of Leeds

aql sponsors fintech hackathon to celebrate 60 years of computing at the University of Leeds

Students from the University of Leeds’ School of Computing will gather over the weekend for a 24-hour non-stop hackathon, sponsored by aql.

The event is focused around fintech, and includes such areas as digital identity, security and personal digital assistants. Teams have 24 hours to come up with a solution to a specific problem and build a prototype, which will then be presented to a judging panel, including aql COO Sarah Tulip. £2,000 of prizes are up for grabs, as well as opportunities for mentorship and career advice.

The University of Leeds was one of the first universities to buy a computer, back in 1957. Six decades later, computer science, technology and big data are at the heart of everything the university does.

aql’s founder and CEO, Adam Beaumont, was recently made a professor of Cyber Security at the University of Leeds – part of an initiative to work more closely with the private sector. The appointment furthers aql’s goal of building the workforce of tomorrow – diverse and digitally-native – that will take the growing Northern tech economy to the next level. Beaumont previously completed his PhD in Physical Chemistry at the university, and, aged 24, served as its youngest lecturer.

Dr Chris Sier, Fintech Envoy for the Northern Powerhouse, will deliver an introductory talk this evening, with the hackathon beginning at 10:30am tomorrow. Staff from aql will be on hand throughout to provide guidance and support.

Good luck to our intrepid (and hopefully well-rested) hackers!

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