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Bringing Ecosystem Awareness to Life: aql and the Eden Project


Our collaboration with the Eden Project through the Eden Universe program embodies aql’s commitment to using technology for the greater good. This partnership was realised through our selection as the connectivity provider for the UK government’s Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) initiatives, which funded the project.

Supporting the Eden Project in its mission to enhance education about the living world and reinforce critical environmental messages exemplifies our mission in action. The Eden Universe project leverages aql’s 5G connectivity and Core IoT capabilities to monitor and showcase data about the planet’s ecosystems, fostering awareness through engaging real-time visuals and live environmental data.

Integrating Smart Technology for Environmental Storytelling

The Eden Project, renowned for its iconic biomes housing the world’s largest indoor rainforest, partnered with aql to explore how smart technology can advance environmental monitoring and storytelling within their biomes. Eden envisioned deploying 5G-enabled live 360-degree VR cameras, accessible online 24/7, paired with IoT-enabled environmental sensors. Through the aql Core IoT platform, these sensors display real-time visualisations of temperature and humidity readings from across the biomes.

This initiative provides virtual visitors with a deeply engaging experience, enhancing their understanding of the climate needs of various flora and the broader impact of global warming.

Visualisations of Eden’s IoT sensors through aql Core


Unified Environmental Monitoring

The Eden Project manages a diverse range of systems including sensors that capture environmental data, and a building management platform that tracks fuel and water usage. Additionally, their point-of-sale platforms monitor food consumption. This disparate data is seamlessly integrated into our Core IoT platform, offering the Eden Project teams a unified “single view of truth” dashboard for real-time tracking and monitoring.

Innovative Data Visualisation

The “Eden Universe” concept leverages the Core IoT API to build real-time visualisations of diverse datasets. This approach allows for the display of up-to-date readings across all monitored parameters. Utilising the Core IoT platform, the Eden Project benefits from a user-friendly interface that provides real-time visualisations and reading escalations via integrated SMS and email notifications.


Advanced Connectivity for Enhanced User Experience

To meet the Eden Project’s need for a high-bandwidth, low latency network, we constructed a dedicated high-speed fibre route and established a 5G wireless network. This 5G network supports high-definition 360-degree cameras throughout the biomes and facilitates the seamless transmission of sensor data to Core.

Since its inception in 2022, the Eden Universe project has been running successfully thanks to our bespoke 5G network, an array of temperature, humidity and air quality sensors, and the aql Core IoT platform. This project offers virtual visitors an exciting and engaging experience, helping them gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Powering the Eden Universe through our API exemplifies how we at aql are committed to advancing environmental education and sustainability. As we continue to innovate, our technology will remain at the forefront of promoting environmental awareness and fostering a more connected, informed global community.

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