aql Text-to-Speech Service

You are visiting this page because you received an aql text-to-speech message on your phone. The Text-to-Speech service (shortened to TTS) provided by aql is a way for networks to send a written message as a spoken message.

image: Text to voice flow chart.

When an SMS is sent to a number that is not Text-Enabled, the network will notify aql of an incoming message that they cannot deliver.
aql has the ability to to convert text into voice, and pass the message to the recipient.
If a number is Text-Enabled, the network will send the message in the usual manner without aql intercepting the message.

Frequently asked questions

Who called me from 03333 440 000?

If you received a phone call from this number, it is to notify you that you received an SMS message to your phone. Upon answering this call, we will read out the message to you in spoken words.

I received a message, who sent it?

The SMS message can be sent by anyone who can send text messages. These could be friends, family or businesses. They simply send the message to your telephone number and we translate the message as speech.

Why does aql get involved, and not my network carrier or phone provider?

aql have provided this service free-of-charge to the end user. We strive to help the general public by making a range of services easily accessible. If we did not have the ability to translate your message, the SMS would simply vanish.

Can I change when I receive the phone call?

As it stands, we are unable to change when a recipient can receive the calls to notify them of an incoming text to their landline. We have controls in place to only allow calls to come from aql between 07:00 and 22:00.

I didn’t manage to listen to my message, can I retrieve it?

Yes, please contact TTS on 03333 446 527, where you can listen to your stored messages. This service expires some days after the message was translated.

Can I opt out?

Yes. If you wish to opt out, please send an email to, with the telephone number in question, or contact TTS on 03333 446 527 pressing option four.

How can I report a message?

If you have been a victim of a crime, we would strongly recommend contacting the law enforcement agency for your area in the first instance. If there is a crime in progress, contact the Emergency Services. To blacklist your number from receiving messages via our TTS service, please send us an email at with the telephone number in question.

If you have been the victim of fraud with regards to a message that was sent to you, we recommend contacting Action Fraud, who should be able to assist you further.

I am registered with the Telephone Preference Survey, why did you call me?

The Telephone Preference Survey is the official opt out register for unsolicited sales and marketing calls. As aql do not create the content of the SMS that was directed to you, we are not violating any rules against the Telephone Preference Survey. It is important to note that registering your telephone number with the Telephone Preference Survey only prevents the receipt of marketing voice calls but do not prevent the receipt of SMS. We simply convert the SMS text message to a spoken voice message, and pass it on to you.

If you feel you no longer wish to be a part of the TTS service, please contact with the phone number in question.

To stop receiving text messages from a certain sender, we recommend contacting the sender with an opt out request.

I previously opted out. Can I opt back in?

Yes, to opt back in to our TTS service, please contact 03333 446 528, or send us an email to with the telephone number in question.

What other services do you provide?

Visit us at for more information.