aql Text-to-Voice Service

You are visiting this page because you received an aql text-to-voice message. This service is used as a delivery mechanism when aql receives an SMS destined for a UK geographic number from a partner/customer, and acts by delivering it to the destination device, which may or may not support SMS in a data format.

If the number being called has an SMS-capable handset then the SMS will be delivered in a data format, and will be readable on the screen. If the number being called is not capable of receiving the SMS as data, a Text-To-Voice method is employed to relay the message to the called party, converting the raw text into synthesised voice.

Reasons you might have received this message

  • A mobile subscriber has sent an SMS to a geographic number
  • A business is using the system to keep in touch with their customers (e.g. appointment updates)
  • Company marketing

Useful numbers

  • The number to listen to saved messages is 03333 446 527
  • The number to re-enable text-to-speech (TTS) is 03333 446 528

Abuse procedure

If you believe you have been inappropriately contacted or if the nature of the message received is that of a nuisance and/or malicious communication, please contact aql’s abuse support team at, including details on the message such as time received, message originator and content of the message, or raise your concerns via your communications provider.