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Andrews and Arnold (AA) are a top quality, leading edge telecommunications solution provider for technical and professional customers. Their main objective is to provide solid technical solutions for those who need them. 

AA was formed in 1997 and have been offering ISP solutions since 1998. They provide a wide number of services including a premium business broadband, which boosts permanent Internet connections through fixed IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. AA strongly support the freedom of the Internet and strive to have Internet connections without filtering. 

With their own research and development team, they’re able to dedicate time to providing new and innovative solutions on a regular basis, including a constant monitoring system for broadband customers.


With a growing need for Internet connectivity and traditional broadband connections being delivered via telephone lines, often connections aren’t restored in a timely manner, causing businesses significant downtime. To counteract this issue, AA began to offer dual connections to a single location, all delivered with a unique IP address. 

AA were searching for a provider that would enable them to supply a fully resilient backup solution for connecting their customers. As part of the AA culture and offering, the privacy aspect was a key feature to be addressed.


AA chose the aql’s mobile broadband solution for its ability to connect to the UK mobile networks by using static IP addresses. The same IP address can be assigned to multiple devices, which allows AA customers to seamlessly switch to the backup 3G option. This unique feature enables a reliable, secure private two-way communications and gives AA control over all IP address assignment and routing. 

By using the aql 3G solution for their customers’ devices at a pay-as-you-go rate, AA have a low recurring cost effective back-up solution, with all the benefits of a bundle offering.


aql's 3G data SIM product suits various aspects of our business very well indeed. As an ISP, providing broadband to reliability-conscious customers, we find them extremely useful as a "third line of defence" against breaks in primary connectivity. Many of our dual or triple line bonded customers make use of the product to allow their networks to remain online (and on their normal IP address space) in the event of a total loss of wired connectivity.

We also have customers in the "M2M" market, using SIMs in digital signage, security/CCTV and similar applications. The ability to relay connections over via L2TP means that these types of customers can act as gatekeepers to all their mobile data traffic, using a suitably configured L2TP Network Server (LNS).

Finally a contingent of our customer base who are predominantly on WiFi, but occasionally out and about, find the SIMs ideal for their Android/iPad tablets. The combination of low ongoing cost and pay-as-you-use data does make it ideal for the "occasional mobile surfer. Common to all of these usage cases, we find the service very reliable, and Three's data network does seem to manage decent coverage and throughput more-or-less everywhere.

Alex Bloor, Business Manager at Andrews & Arnold Ltd

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