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The Internet of Things (IoT) market is experiencing exponential growth and many public and private sector organisations are beginning to harness the benefits that IoT devices offer. By using networks of thousands of sensors it is possible to efficiently monitor data from a wide array of points including smart street lighting, parking sensors, environmental monitoring and more.

LoRaWAN is a leading IoT technology. Providing reliable and secure communications while using little power. Devices using LoRaWAN send back small packets of data using batteries that can last for months or even years between charges.

Our Services

We help by providing access to managed LoRaWAN infrastructure. We are specialists in connectivity and have fulfilled the needs of thousands of clients’ connectivity needs over the past 20 years. Our LoRaWAN IoT infrastructure service enables you to focus on your IoT use case whilst aql handle the gateways by expanding our network as needed.

Here at aql we have been a market specialist in connectivity for over a decade, and have LoRaWAN network coverage around Leeds and in other locations across the UK. With experience in a multitude of connections from mobile data to LoRaWAN we have a high amount of experience. We own and operate our own data centres and key staff are security cleared to government SC level.


There are many reasons why we pride ourselves on our LoRaWAN infrastructure:

  • Great coverage - typically 3-5km in cities and up to 30km in rural deployments
  • Scalable solution - each gateway can support thousands of devices
  • Fully bidirectional - send both downlink and uplink messages with devices
  • End-to-end encryption - ensures secure routing of data to keep your mind at peace
  • Routing - Data from devices is routed via our platform and sent to your external application
  • Monitoring - We monitor the status of the infrastructure 24/7 to ensure smooth running of the service

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To find out more about how aql can help with you LoRaWAN projects, please contact us or call on 01133 203040.

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