HLR Number Lookups

Use our online tool.

Use our network lookup service for data cleansing and phone network identification. You can identify the state (active/non-active) and network operator for UK mobile or landline numbers based on Ofcom information. This can help prevent you from sending messages to numbers which are no longer online.

To perform a genuine (live) network lookup or a network lookup on foreign (non-UK) telephone number, you'll need to log in to the aql portal. Each genuine network lookup costs one SMS credit.

Or integrate with our API.

Our network lookup API can provide you with a more detailed response for your network lookups, including an indication of how the information was discovered, by sending a request via HTTP POST to our gateway, allowing quick integration with your own services.


Extract information with just a phone number
Find more information about numbers in your database
Stop sending messages to offline numbers

Use our online network lookup tool

image: API - Network lookup
image: API - Network lookup

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