Two-Way SMS

Use Two-Way SMS messaging to:

  • Earn discounts against your SMS bill
  • Boost engagement with end users
  • Develop a local or remote presence using geographic numbers

Rewarding two-way conversations

We want to promote the use of two-way SMS in order to increase end-user satisfaction and to help our direct customers improve user journeys for their customers and end-users in turn. To support this our unique scheme gives a discount for each inbound message you receive, which is used to reduce your outbound SMS bill.

The benefits of two-way

SMS has consistently-proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach your end users. When contrasted to emails, many businesses have found that SMS campaigns have much higher read and conversion rates. Much of this is due to the convenience factor, with most people having their phones within reach 24/7.

All good conversations should be two-way. By incorporating two-way messaging, you can further boost engagement with your current and prospective users. Whether it's helping a patient re-book an appointment without the need to make a call; allowing customers to make reservations or book on event guest-lists; through to inbound-centric campaigns such as competitions, many businesses can find ways to improve SMS through two-way communications.

Two-way a different way

aql has more SMS enabled numbers than any other UK provider. Our SMS-enabled geographic numbers are available to be provisioned in seconds and can receive inbound SMS immediately.

Our customers have found that by using geographic numbers for their SMS they are able to send messages with a local touch and establish either a local or remote presence. With over 12 million numbers in our ranges, our SMS enabled numbers are available in all area codes across the UK.

How it works

  1. 1. For each inbound SMS message to your aql geographic numbers you will accrue a reward balance which will build up during the month.
  2. 2. At the end of the month, this reward will be applied automatically against your bill for the outbound SMS you have sent.
  3. 3. You save money off your bill directly, effectively reducing the amount you spend per message.
  4. 4.That's it. It just works.
Powerful and Reliable
Our high-capacity carrier-grade network can receive and route thousands of SMS messages per second.
Simple Integration
Choose where SMS are to be routed, either to your application, an email address, or view in the portal.
Rewarding Conversations
Every inbound SMS you receive to your Geo numbers earns credit against outbound SMS you send.
Voice Enabled
You can also use your SMS-enabled Geo numbers to route voice calls from anywhere in the world.
Included In-Bundle
Sending SMS to our numbers is in-bundle for customers on all the big UK mobile network operators.
All Area Codes
Geo numbers are available to cover all UK area codes, ensuring you can get the numbers you need.

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