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SMS is the most effective way for businesses to talk to, and hear from, customers and staff. It's the most ubiquitous form of mobile communication, with no spam filters, no apps to download and no sign-up process for customers.

Get your message read.

90% of SMS messages are opened, compared to around 25% of emails. 9 out of 10 people would like to message with businesses. And with response rates to marketing over 30%, SMS is more effective than phone calls, email or Facebook.

Fast. Simple. Cost-effective.

aql's secure, easy-to-use messaging platform and APIs let you send a single message to a friend or a million messages to your entire customer base, at competitive prices.

Find out what SMS can do for you.

image: Why AMS? Appointment confirmations
Appointment confirmations
image: Why SMS? Customer support
Customer support
image: Why SMS? Delivery status
Delivery status
image: Why SMS? Surveys
image: Why SMS? Sales promotions
Sales promotions
image: Why SMS? Emergency notifications
Emergency notifications
image: Why SMS? Polling
image: Wy SMS? Sales promotions
Mobile coupons
image: Wht SMS? Emergency notifications
Order confirmation


Our high-capacity network can deliver thousands of SMS messages per second
Send and receive messages via our portal or integrate directly into your platform with our API
Enterprise-class intrusion detection with millions of hardware and network metrics monitored daily
Our specialist team is on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly
Connect with customers and staff anywhere in the world
We have direct routes into all UK mobile networks for your peace of mind

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