WiFi phone boxes

How to access free city WiFI

Residents can log in via the "scifiwifi" wireless network available around the blue phone boxes, which will pop up on the network area of their mobile devices.

21st century blue phone boxes

The phone boxes are reconditioned iconic phone boxes from the 1930s as designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, who also designed Battersea Power Station and Liverpool Cathedral amongst other achievements over a long career.

The LEODIS project

LEODIS is the name given to the blue phone boxes project, and stands for Leeds Electronic Ordnance and Digital Information System. Leodis is also the old English name for Leeds.

The Doctor - aql’s own Doctor - founder and CEO Prof. Adam Beaumont explains the blue phone box concept:

"We wanted to create an icon for Leeds - something unique which, if you had your photo taken next to it and uploaded it, for example to Facebook, friends would say 'aha ! you must be in Leeds!' We’re hoping that the boxes become something that residents accept as part of the cityscape."

Lurene Joseph, Chief Executive of Leeds and Partners, said:

These boxes are a great illustration of Leeds’ digital ability and confidence and will be another excellent part of the city’s infrastructure. They’re forward-looking and innovative, but rooted in strong traditions, and are another example of an ambitious young company driving forward enterprise, jobs and opportunity in Leeds.

Take a look at how we installed the very first blue phone box