Secure machine-to-machine connectivity for the public sector


The aql mobile solution enables public organisations to connecting people, data, and things to the Internet via devices and sensors for a smarter and more effective processes. By using our M2M solution, you can:

  • Connect traffic sensors, digital signage and street light to the internet to enable remote monitoring
  • Enable video monitoring by connecting CCTV systems to the Internet
  • Collect intelligent data directly into your systems
  • Protect sensitive information by having complete control of the data routed across the Internet
  • Use private two-communications gateways


  • Increase citizens' public safety through smart monitoring systems and increased response times
  • Reduce traffic congestion by adapting digital signage to real-time traffic conditions
  • Implement smart waste management solutions to save time and money
  • Increase drivers safety through warning messages and diversions according to climate conditions and unexpected events
  • Implement smart grid solutions for improved energy efficiency and sustainability

Instant messaging for the public sector


The aql messaging solutions enables public organisations to easily communicate with the residents in their community and their staff via SMS. Our messaging solutions enable you to:

  • Deliver time sensitive information to your residents, such as weather warnings, disasters or road closure

  • Communicate relevant information to your residents, such as civic works or maintenance
  • Send your residents useful reminders for appointments, overdue tax payments, application updates
  • Raise public awareness via motivational and informational mass messaging campaigns 


  • Improve community safety by contacting residents in emergency situations directly on their phones
  • Deliver vital information to blue light services in a time-sensitive manner
  • Adapt to a smart consumer lifestyle, by communicating relevant information which impact their everyday life
  • Gain valuable time by reducing appointment no-shows and chasing overdue payments
  • Request feedback and gather information from residents, by using a two-way messaging communication solution
  • Make significant cost savings by reducing the number of internal and external calls

Secure colocation solutions for the public sector


With the increased amount of public data driven by the smart technologies revolution, the probability of a cyber attack or a security breach increases as well. Our secure ISO-accredited facilities with 24/7 security on site, layered security with full CCTV, PAC tag access, remote monitoring are ideal to host high-level government information.

  • Store your sensitive data in a secure, resilient Impact Level 5 accredited facility
  • Have unrestricted 24/7 access to your digital and physical property
  • Make significant energy savings
  • Host and deploy web applications for users in a secure and reliable environment 


  • Manage the increasing amounts of digital data
  • Protect your data from cyber attacks or natural disasters Increase security standards by protecting user credentials and public confidential information
  • Improve disaster recovery capability
  • Achieve greater efficiency in the deployment of ICT infrastructure and cloud computing solutions

Free public Wi-Fi


Providing high-speed free Wi-Fi in a city improves quality of life and access to information as the use of smartphones and tablets continues to increase. Use our free city Wi-Fi network to:

  • Deliver fast free Wi-Fi access in places of interest, such as schools, libraries, public transportation platforms and the city centre
  • Implement a reliable, fast and efficient connectivity solution for residents and visitors
  • Help residents get online in busy places where the 3G network is often unreliable or slow because of high demand


  • Increase civic engagement and overall resident satisfaction, and attract more tourists
  • Promote the city's digital capability and service delivery
  • Create new opportunities for local businesses to reach out to the public
  • Empower your community, boost local economy and productivity

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